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Frequently Asked Questions

What fabric are our hot water bottle COVERS made from?

The hot water bottle covers are made using 100% organic cotton knit fabric. This means that as well as being super soft and cosy they are super eco-friendly. Using ecological grown cotton, ethically sourced, printed using water-based pigment inks and sustainably manufactured. It's a win win win... win!

How do I look after my hot water bottle cover?

The 100% organic cotton knit fabric deserves to be handled gently. If it is in need of a refresh, machine wash on a gentle / delicate setting using phosphate-free detergent. Air dry.

It is normal for this fabric to shrink a little in the wash. It is easy to re-insert the hot water bottle with a little wiggle and shimmy, much like putting on freshly washed pair of jeggings! Thankfully, just like the jeggings it will relax out again quickly!

What fabric are our hot water BOTTLES made from?

What is different about our hot water bottles?

The hot water bottles inside the covers are made by YUYU, the makers of the original looooong hot water bottle. The bottle is made from biodegradable Grade A rubber from Sri Lanka.

Not only is the YUYU water bottle epic because of it’s eco-friendly credentials, it’s been thoughtfully designed to bring ultimate comfort and warmth. Its length and flexible material mean it can be worn in any configuration you can think of to bring relief to tension or pain in the shoulders, tummy and back or it can just be enjoyed to snuggle up to and keep warm. Joiful Designs covers have been designed to compliment the eco-friendly credentials of the YUYU bottle. The covers are made from 100% organic cotton we use tensel thread (a wood pulp). Our covers have been created to celebrate independent design, colour, fun, joy and give you something a little different.

How do you use your hot water bottle?

The bottles take about half a kettle full of water to fill. You only need to fill the bottle 1/2 - 3/4 full if you are going to wrap it around your body, this means it’s nice a flexible.

YUYU recommend waiting until the water is off the boil before filling. Allow the water to cool for 4-5 mins. Hold the bottle upright by the neck and fill it slowly to avoid hot water spilling or splashing. Make sure you get rid of any air from the bottle by lowering it carefully onto a flat surface until water appears at the opening. Screw the stopper on securely, shake off any excess water and enjoy!

Visit the 'Wearing your bottle' page for more information...


Do not allow direct or prolonged contact with skin (use an adequate cover to prevent risk of burns). Do not use with infants or persons sensitive to heat. Under no circumstance should you use the hot water bottle as a cushion or place weight on it. Do not fill using water from the domestic hot water system as this can considerably shorten the hot water bottle’s life. Prevent contact with hot surfaces, oil or grease. Do not heat in a microwave oven. This is not a toy; keep out of reach of children. Before each use: Check the bottle and stopper for wear and damage. If you see any damage, do not use. The YuYu Bottle has a guarantee for 2 years, we recommend purchasing a new bottle after 2 years of use.

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